@ghost opened this Issue on September 13th 2016

ErrorException (E_WARNING)
number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, array given

(line 180 of app/src/Analytics/Controller/WebAnalyticsController.php) which contains):

$visits = number_format($visits, 0, trans('i18n.dec_point'), trans('i18n.thousands_sep'));

If it helps, for reference, $visits variable created on line 174 of this same file (WebAnalyticsController.php) on the line:

$visits = \App\Core\Piwik::getVisits($app->piwik_site_id, $date_start, $date_end);

@mattab commented on September 27th 2016 Member

Hello @thefraj

This is not a bug in Piwik but in this library you are using: \App\Core\Piwik::getVisits /// WebAnalyticsController

This Issue was closed on September 27th 2016
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