@beran42 opened this Issue on September 12th 2016

I have some Piwik JS code embedded in my SharePoint sites. I am submitting a username using the 'setUserId' command and that works perfectly everytime. When I added in a Visit Dimension to submit a user's Department (userDepartment) the value only gets added to the dimension about 50% of the time, the other 50% is listed as "Value Not Defined". I have checked and the user's department does get pulled it just for some reason sporadically adds information.

The 2 ways I have tried submitting the code to the Dimension and both work around 50% of the time:
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', 1, userDepartment]);
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', customDimensionId = 1, customDimensionValue = userDepartment]);

@mattab commented on September 27th 2016 Owner


Can you create a small test file to reproduce this issue consistently? We need a way to reproduce as for us, setting custom dimensions value works. Thanks in advance...

@beran42 commented on September 27th 2016

Hey Matt, thanks for the response! Let me know if you need anything else :) . We consistently get a around a 50% success rate. I did some more diving to see if there was a trend on specific sites or for specific users but there was no trend. From the files I have attached, I have a picture of how we are using the code in the MasterPage, a picture of our Piwik information, and a txt file of the js file that is referenced in the masterpage

@mattab commented on September 27th 2016 Owner

once we implement https://github.com/piwik/plugin-CustomDimensions/issues/32 then the report will not show the Value not defined rows, except if they were specifically set to empty/null. Maybe this will help. Otherwise, we don't know what the issue is, until you have some more idea how to reproduce. Thanks

@beran42 commented on September 29th 2016

Thanks Matt, but the value of the dimension isn't null. I can reproduce the issue with any dimension that I use. Also even if I add a value directly into the statement like:
_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', customDimensionId = 1, customDimensionValue = 'Test Value']);
The code will still register it as a view and add the user's name/visit information to Piwik but the Dimension will most likely not be updated with 'Test Value', it would most likely be Not Defined even though there is a value.

I appreciate your continued support on this Matt! Thanks!!

@mattab commented on September 29th 2016 Owner

Hello @beran42
Thanks. What we need now is a small HTML file where the issue can be reproduced. Could you prepare such file , and post it here with instructions how to reproduce? we'll investigate ASAP then

@beran42 commented on October 12th 2016

Hi Matt! So unfortunately since it's SharePoint I can't just provide an html page ince it's more of a system. Would you have any advice as to why this is happening? Because it grabs the user information, completes the code, submits the information but randomly doesn't submit the dimension

@mattab commented on October 19th 2017 Owner

this should have been fixed in https://github.com/piwik/plugin-CustomDimensions/issues/32 a year ago

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