@ngdot opened this Issue on August 18th 2016

I need to track users even if the tab is not focused.
I already set a heartbeattimer, but If a user change the Tab, piwik lose the real-time-state for this user..

Any Idea to make this possible?

@mattab commented on November 11th 2016 Member

Hi @NicolasGoerlach
We designed Heartbeat timer so it only tracks when the tab is active. Would you need an option or so to also track accurate time on page with heartbeat, when the tab is un-focused? May I ask what is your use case?

@ngdot commented on December 6th 2016

Hi @mattab, sry for the delay! Exactly, I need a function to track how long the visitor is really on the page, even if he does not have a active tab. In my case, there are many pages where the content updates automatically, and the customers have several tabs open to control a lot statistics on different pages. Most of the customers opened these tabs on second monitors, so there is no active tab cause they are browsing on the main monitor with other active tabs.

@linkevin777 commented on September 16th 2018

Hi @mattab, is there any workaround where we can force the ping requests? We have integrated matomo with Angular4 (Angulartics2Piwik).
One of our use case is that the application is open on the video wall along with many other applications hence the focus on the tab is not guaranteed all the time.

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