@hpvd opened this Issue on July 15th 2016

Segment filtering by "Provider -is not- unknown" not possible.
Should work for entering
1) nothing (leaving field empty)
2) word "unknown"

"1)" is the way it works to filter only visits where it was possible to receive a keyword from search engine


@tsteur commented on July 30th 2016 Member

Thx for creating the issue 👍

@colorando-de commented on February 16th 2017

Any progress on this issue? I want to exclude the Sistrix crawler which has an unkown OS and unknown browser.

@sgiehl commented on September 10th 2017 Member

Just tried to reproduce, but for me creating the segment as mentioned above (with empty value) has the correct result.
Filtering with Unknown doesn't work. But we could actually map that to empty string internally if that helps.
Can anyone confirm that it works with empty string.

@hpvd commented on September 10th 2017

when applying segment "provider" "is not" "unknown" in visitor log page,
visits with provider "unknown" are still shown...
(so the filter does not work)

@hpvd commented on September 10th 2017

same for "provider" "is not" ""

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