@mattab opened this Issue on July 15th 2016 Member


  • Given a segment, set to segmented reports are processed in real time (default) that is selected and applied,
  • Given Browser archiving is disabled in the Admin,
  • Given user has set in config.ini.php browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1


  • no data is displayed nor processed for this segment, even when running core:archive
  • The data will never be processed it seems

    Expected instead:

  • data should be processed when running core:archive without any special parameter
  • the data should be available in the UI after it's been processed

From https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/10199

@freecastle commented on February 16th 2017

I encounter the exact same problem, but even if the segments are set to SEGMENTED REPORTS ARE PRE-PROCESSED (FASTER, REQUIRES CRON) and the cron jobs were running without any problems every hour for several weeks now. The only solution to me is to uncomment browser_archiving_disabled_enforce=1, but then of course the user has to wait several minutes until the reports are updated. The problem exists in Piwik 3.0.1.

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