@StefanK007 opened this Issue on July 3rd 2016

We track many public sites with piwik. Therefore we have set our internal IP ranges to the "Global list of excluded IPs".

We're in a situation where we also would like to monitor a internal website with the same Piwik server.
Since there are only internal IP ranges accessing this internal website, they aren't tracked because of the global list.

It would be great for this scenario to have an option in the website entry to disable the "Global list of excluded IPs" and use only the ignored IP entries within the website.
Another possibility would be to override single global exclusions within a website entry with a "negative ignored IP" with a minus (hyphen) e.g. "-192.168.0.*"

@davezeli commented on June 4th 2019

This would be a great feature! We are in the same spot and we have currently changed the global settings because of that issue. Now we have over 10 individual configurations for each external website in order to be able to track 1 internal website. If we change the IP list for the external websites we have to edit over 10 configurations...

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