@hpvd opened this Issue on June 25th 2016

website: name, descriptions etc of plugins uncomplete / got partly cut/hidden



@tsteur commented on June 25th 2016 Member

That's very likely because there are only 150 characters allowed for this part of the description and we cut everything that comes after those 150 characters. Ideally the developer takes care of this and notices it when having a look at the plugin page but we could also just not import plugins in such a case and email the developer about the problem.

@hpvd commented on June 25th 2016

was seen by a plugin of developer "piwikpro" ;-)
-> so if even the official Pro didn't know/notice it, one may need a "hard" solution...

@hpvd commented on June 25th 2016

should be handled the same way for all "input fields" for plugin developers:

  • all names,
  • descriptions,
  • type & number of images
  • invisible formatting code
  • ... everything where one need a special/supported length/format/number

should also take care to define "mandatory fields" and control for beeing not empty...

@hpvd commented on June 27th 2016

edit: made issue name and description more general

@hpvd commented on June 27th 2016

this seem to be another example what one could prevent with an optimized handling of "input fields":
a wish to remove a dublicate version of plugin marketplace because of namespace issues

@hpvd commented on June 27th 2016

these things on https://plugins.piwik.org/ could also be prevented solved:


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