@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on June 16th 2016 Member

fixes #9838

@adaqus commented on June 27th 2016

The code looks ok. I wonder whether it is possible to avoid situations like this:


Because document body ends where table's 'frame' ends, bubbles with longer text cannot be entirely displayed.

@sgiehl commented on June 27th 2016 Member

might be possible. can check that later

@sgiehl commented on June 27th 2016 Member

Had another look. Is not easily possible. Widgets cut off overlapping content, to avoid overlapping in dashboard, so there is no smooth way to let it overlap

@adaqus commented on June 28th 2016

Ok, so let's not bother. I can also see that tooltip changed its position a little bit in UI test ('UIIntegrationTest - 'should display metric tooltip correctly') - visitble in UIIntegrationTest_metric_tooltip.png screenshot. So expected image should be corrected.

@sgiehl commented on June 28th 2016 Member

Sure. Needs to be done after merging, as it is in another repo...

@adaqus commented on July 4th 2016

@sgiehl Ok, so PR looks OK :+1:

@mattab commented on July 8th 2016 Member

LGTM @sgiehl

This Pull Request was closed on July 8th 2016
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