@robocoder opened this Issue on October 29th 2009 Contributor

This error occurred in the svn trunk (rev 1547) in my test environment.

Test procedure:

  • create a new directory
  • add a page with the tracking code
  • visit page (i.e., first visit ever for this directory & page, and also the first visit of the day)
  • go to Actions | Pages
  • click on a page URL (+ new_directory) to open the subtable
  • observation: Piwik appeared to hang ("loading")
  • refresh page whereupon Piwik promptly displayed the subtable

This is the error (and typo) in the log:

You are requesting a precise subTable but there is not such data in the Archive.
@robocoder commented on October 29th 2009 Contributor

Of course, once I cleared the cache, dropped the archives, and truncated the log_ tables, I can't reproduce the above...

@robocoder commented on October 29th 2009 Contributor

For future reference:

GET /index.php?filter_offset=0&module=Actions&action=getPageUrlsSubDataTable&idSite=1&period=day&date=2009-10-29&enable_sort=false&filter_sort_column=nb_visits&filter_sort_order=desc&filter_limit=100&search_recursive=1&viewDataTable=table&controllerActionCalledWhenRequestSubTable=getPageUrlsSubDataTable&totalRows=1&enable_filter_excludelowpop=0&idSubtable=1
@mattab commented on July 29th 2010 Member

This was probably caused in the following case

  • default Piwik: real time process every 10 seconds
  • Look at reports, they are processed.
  • more than 10 seconds later, you click on the row with a given ID
  • Piwik re-processes stats for today. The ID you clicked earlier now matches to something different (loads a subtable that doesn't match), or will not load anything.

I don't think any trivial fix for this one.
A solution could be to have a click pass the label of the row, and then use the label to search for the matching parent row, to fetch the subtable. This is not trivial and could lead to some issues.

@robocoder commented on September 1st 2010 Contributor

Could we we pass the label of the row, and if it doesn't match on the server side, we refresh the whole table and expand that row?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 18th 2010

This happens to me all the time with Piwik 1.0 and is a major annoyance. I use piwik with "today" as the default displayed day and track referrers in real time, but expanding any row fails to give the proper result once every other try or so.

A solution for this, as vipsoft suggested, would be to add more sanity checks whenever expanding a row. Matching on label as well as id would be a good start. One could even imagine searching for the proper id if the labels don't match, instead of relying on the id itself.

@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

Maybe a solution would be to not trigger a re-archiving when requesting a sub-table, and use the existing pre-processed archive if found? This would be an elegant fix it seems.

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