@ReessKennedy opened this Issue on June 16th 2016

I am seeing two date vars in the URL to output data via the API in JSON.


Doesn't impact output and I may have missed something but wanted to contribute if this has been overlooked. Thanks for all the great work by the community with this awesome project.

@tsteur commented on June 17th 2016 Member

How did you get this URL? Was this a link from the UI eg via an "export" link? Can you reproduce this?

@mattab commented on July 8th 2016 Member

Hi @ReessKennedy - how do you reproduce this issue, on demo.piwik.org ? (what steps do you take). Thanks

@mattab commented on August 23rd 2016 Member

As we have not heard from you, closing the issue. Feel free to comment and re-open if you still experience the issue and have more info.

This Issue was closed on August 23rd 2016
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