@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on October 28th 2009

I recently setup campaigns and the results under the campaigns report looks correct.


Now when I view the Pages report, each page is repeated for every keyword/campaign used to access. So if one page was access 6 times from different campaigns I see X separate page listings(one for each possible combination).

I think this is misleading, and makes the campaign feature meaningless as I could just as easily append?foobar=randomstring and look at the pages report to see these.


My issue/recommendation is that page urls should be stripped of campaign and keyword parameters so they all appear as one page on the pages report.

Then, if i want to know which campaigns I can use the campaigns report.

Keywords: campaign, pages

@robocoder commented on October 28th 2009 Contributor

Dupes #41.

This Issue was closed on October 28th 2009
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