@gaumondp opened this Issue on June 7th 2016

When working with large DB (91 millions row here) using Date Range is taking more than 30 minutes to get some reports.

It would be fantastic if we could setup our own Date Range and have it pre-processed.

Our use case: Government years are April 1st thru March 31th.

If we could setup such Date Range and see them in the Calendar menu, that would help get a better appreciation of Piwik because here, people complain a lot about speed, even with 2 servers (Apache+MySQL) 8 GB of RAM and 4 CPUs each...

@tsteur commented on June 10th 2016 Member

That would be useful indeed. It's already possible to configure segments to pre-archive and it would make sense for date ranges as well. +1 to show these in the date picker directly.

@mathieucharest commented on June 28th 2017

I've worked on Piwik to be able to add a fiscal year both in the interface and the API. By configuring a starting month in the config file, a user would be able to see a new period called "fisyear" and pre-process data accordingly (Pull request #11805 ). It is currently waiting a review.

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