@mattab opened this Issue on June 7th 2016 Member

Feedback from email:

My feedback on the Tracking Campaigns URL builder.

I always feel that plain text tracking parameters look amateur, eg ?pk_campaign=facebook&pk_kwd=bluebackground

They just tell the viewer too much about what you're testing.

I wonder if the parameters could be obfuscated in some way eg piwik=ZNf5ppNUHxZEtefIVynmx70p3kiZiWSyoFNvQtdsa

Most people are used to seeing 'random' strings of characters in Facebook (etc) ads. And it would allow us to use more descriptive language without worrying about people reading what we're testing. If the string could be generated using some sort of unique key (or simply an ID with the description stored in our database) then even better.

Hope that helps

This is a nice suggestion which would make Piwik more usable and professional.

@hpvd commented on June 15th 2016


maybe one could make it selectible which version should be used / make it possible to use both.

The actual (understandable) version may be very handy in some cases e.g.

  • during setup
  • if you also use other software which also relies/uses these parameters
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