@HLFH opened this Issue on May 16th 2016


The following issue https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/6781 is about offering the Email Marketing features in Piwik.

And now, Mailtrain is an open source Email Marketing solution. Should Piwik connect to Mailtrain instead of doing the Email Marketing features from scratch?


@tsteur commented on May 16th 2016 Member

I think #6781 is more about the tracking and reporting part than providing an actual hosted newsletter application. Also one problem would be that it uses Nodejs whereas Piwik is based on PHP. As Piwik is running on hundred of thousands of servers Nodejs will be often not available and most users won't be able to install it. Users will still need to install it separately. What kind of email marketing features are you thinking of?

BTW: A plugin could be developed to connect to Mailtrain. There are many integrations already available see http://piwik.org/integrate/ and it would be useful to connect to Mailtrain or to send data from Mailtrain to Piwik

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