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Hi Piwik team !

This PR contains some bug fixes:

  • SegmentEditor > missing the "Add new segment" button in Zeitgeist (when there are 10 custom segments)
  • Enlarge the clickable area of the Site selector
  • SegmentEditor > when editing a segment, the text overlaps with icon. Also there is some remaining pixels on the top left.
  • API + Widgets pages > Site selector missing

And some PleineLune theming:

  • Map > Theme
  • jQplot > Metrics picker above graph not themed
  • Period Selector > Calendar is not themed
  • Login form not fully themed
  • Visitors > Visitor Log > Tooltip not themed (eg. Hover on one Action)
  • DataTable > on Hover on a datatable Column name, the Tooltip with documentation is not themed
  • DataTable > Referrers > Overview. In the table of reports on the left, The list of reports appear on white backgrounds.
  • All Websites > First column looks OK but other columns have white border around cells
  • Admin > yellow tooltips are not themed (eg. in Geolocation)
  • Admin > H3 style is not themed(eg in Admin>DB Usage)
  • Annotations > Edit one. Save + Cancel buttons not themed. (buttons also used in Admin, Email reports, etc)
  • Visitor > Custom Variables > Click on a custom variable. The subtable loads. This table has alternate styles. The dark grey font color has not enough contrast.


@tzi commented on August 11th 2013 Member

Small update:

  • Style text, link & sparklines on popin, like Row Evolution
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