@mattab opened this Issue on May 12th 2018 Member

When using Content Tracking, by design there will often be 5-10-15 different elements that became visible. Currently they are displayed each on their own line such as below screenshot.

visitor log contents

Maybe we can make the visitor log display more compact?

For example maybe we could combine all "content impressions" (respectively "content clicks") that have also the same content name. For example the following 4 content impressions:

* preview-liveaboard - MV Ocean Quest
* preview-liveaboard - Coral Sea Dreaming
* preview-liveaboard - MV Scubapro III
* preview-liveaboard - MV Scubapro II

and change it to:
* preview-liveaboard - MV Ocean Quest, Coral Sea Dreaming, MV Scubapro III, MV Scubapro II.

  • the tooltip could be the same as the MV Ocean Quest's tooltip (ie. we pick the first).
  • on click, it would expand and show the content impressions on 4 lines.


@tsteur commented on May 13th 2018 Member

You might additionally group together all content interactions that happened in a row and have them expandable as well when there eg more than 3 different content names which may be quite often the case as well eg

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